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The Borg

The Borg Collective is a vicious and obsessive race in the Universe. They are from the Delta Quadrant and hold massive territory that spreads out to thousands of light years that conquers that of the Federation and Klingon Space. Borg drones have advanced cybernetics and is tied to one of the most advanced subspace communications in the Universe. The Borg have no individuality they are all linked together and share the same thoughts, they exhibit a high degree of intelligence and adaptability so it is very difficult for the Borg to forget anything even if a drones link is severed. They exist for making all species part of the Collective this tactic strikes fear into the hearts of other species.

Purpose in the Game

The Borg have started another effort to take over the Alpha Quadrant. When the Federation send a massive fleet into the Delta Quadrant the Federation on the other side destroyed the Transwarp portal this left the Borg Queen and a few forces stranded in the Alpha Quadrant from then on the Borg Queen is looking for a way back to the Delta Quadrant. During there time in the Alpha Quadrant the Borg discover that a Spatial Rift has opened and Species 8472 the species that almost made the Borg extinct have started to enter the Alpha Quadrant and have started to attack everything. The Borg realise that the only way to stop species 8472 once and for all is to get back to the Delta Quadrant and help Starfleet.


Federation Campaign

The Borg have re-entered the Alpha Quadrant with the intent if destroying the federation and assimilating what's left. Starfleet sends a massive fleets into the Delta Quadrant many fleets causes massive damage to the Collective.

Borg Missions

The Borg Fleet

Picture Ship Type History Special Weapon
Colony Ship This ship orbits around a planet and fires a teleport beam that sends drones to assimilate a planets population (if you repopulate the planet the planet will look like a Borg planet)


If a planet is already colonised the Colony ship can fire a destructive beam that eliminates cities and planetary defences.

Interceptor This vessel is equipped with a phaser beam. It can be adapted with a Transwarp Drive that can instantly take it to another place in the system its in.
Detector It is a small vessel with limited shields and weapons. A tachyon grid can be attached to the vessel to detect near by cloaked ships
Wedge The wedge attacks a ship until its shields are down and then transports Borg drones on to a ship. This will assimilate the vessel and the crew  
Assimilator This is an assimilate or destroy weapon and is equipped with powerful torpedoes It can fire a weak holding beam that slowly transfers drones on to the ship and tries to assimilate the vessel
Harbinger This vessel is a long range artillery assault ship that fires torpedoes  
Sphere The Sphere has the same duties as the interceptor.   The Sphere can go under regeneration this repairs all vital systems on the ship at a rapid pace
Diamond This ship is used to disable and making assimilation easier  it has multiple technologies that helps the collective Shield Remodulation- This can adapt a modified shield around a friendly vessel which makes the vessel impervious to an attack for a temporary time.

Computer Override- This sends an infected transmission to a enemy vessel making that ship under your control.

Nanites- This scrambles the computer interface of an enemy vessel

Ultrium Burst- This fires at a single beam that hits multiple enemy vessels

Harmonic Defender This is to protect the Borg frontlines it has phasers to defend it. This vessel can be attached with a special energy recharger,This recharges the special weapon energy
Cube This is used by the collective to assimilate others or to go on battle missions it is very powerful and carries a large number of drones. With this superior number of drones they are acceptable to assimilate other vessels and still have enough to operate the Cube Technology Assimilator- this fires an assimilation beam that scans the special weapon of an enemy vessel and makes a copies of it. The cube is able to use that special weapon.

Holding Beam-This is a much stronger tractor beam then the Assimilator this holds the Vessel while Borg drones transport on an enemy ship and kills and assimilates the crew and then the ship.


Tactical Cube This Borg cube has a heavy strong armour around the it. Besides that it has all the same functions as the original cube Technology Assimilator

Holding Beam

Fusion Cube It is a combination of eight cubes, not only that all eight cubes combine there shield, weapon and crew strength making the Fusion Cube virtually untouchable. The weapons on this vessel are extremely powerful it can destroy a fleet, annihilate colonies with shields without even trying. Technology Assimilator

Holding Beam


Tactical Fusion Cube It has the same functions as the Fusion Cube only this vessel is stronger because of the combined armour Technology Assimilator

Holding Beam