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Cardassian Union

The Cardassian Union is a powerful alliance of worlds with Cardassia Prime as its heart. Before the Union was formed the Cardassian People were a spiritual people who's art, literature and music were possibly the best in the Quadrant but with poor natural resources the Cardassian Military took control and became ruthless in their desire to gather and expand. After hostilities towards the Federation the governing body of the Cardassian Government the Detapa Council had signed a treaty with the Federation. In 2371 the Klingon Government became convinced that the new Detapa Council was being some how engineered by the Dominion allowing there agents to gain control of Cardassia. A Klingon Invasion of Cardassia that same year left the Cardassians angry and humiliated. Which paved the way too their alliance with the Dominion.

Purpose in the Game

The Cardassians have noticed that the Federation have sent a massive fleet to an unknown where about. They use this opportunity to attack the federation. When the Cardassians destroyed Starfleet's reserve fleet. The only ones to stop them now are the Klingons. Since the Cardassians never anticipated the involvements of the Klingon Empire the Empire had a strategic advantage. The Cardassians have also made a brief alliance with the Romulan Star Empire. The dangerous Cardassian that is in control of the Cardassian insurrection is Gul Kentar, a well respected Gul of the Cardassian Military with little known about him he is a dangerous enemy he and Martok become bitter rivals and vow to kill the other before the war is over.   



Cardassian Fleet

Picture Ship Type History Special Weapon
Colony Ship The Cardassian People still believe in occupying worlds. And this ship help do that. When the Cardassians occupy a world the ship gives them supplies.  
Hideki-Class This is a scout ship that is equipped with a Cloaking device this helps keeps this ship undetected when scouting the area Tachyon Detection Grid- to locate cloaked ships
Janissary-Class This is a Cardassian assault ship. When attacking a vessel and the shields go down Cardassian transport aboard that ship and almost immediately kill the crew and take over the vessel.  Can transport Cardassians on to an enemy ship and take it over. 
Vasad-Class This ship has been added to the Cardassian fleet with powerful phasers and photon Torpedoes.  Sensor Scrambler- enhances the the firing distance of friendly vessels.
Gul Vystan-Class Named after the Gul that supported the former Obsidian Order.  
Legate-Class This is equipped with powerful plasma torpedoes providing the ship with long-range bombardments capabilities.  
Rasilak-Class This ship is more known for its quickness and manoeuvrability.  Micro-Organism- This attack launches a group of micro-organisms which, once attached to a ship, eat away at the hull.
Brinok-Class The Brinok vessel is used to patrol the Cardassian Borders. Drones- This ship can launch a number of Drones
Sartan-Class Built For Speed And Offence. Its hull is stronger than the other attack ship in the fleets  
Kulinor-Class Kulinor is a science ship with multiple technologies  Plasma Cannon-This is an attack used by the Cardassians to eliminate all life on a planet with a single shot.

Quantum Singularity Effect- This weapons is able make a link between normal and fluidic space this allows a Species 8472 vessel to enter normal space. The first ship the Bio ship sees it will attack.

Impulse Engine Boost-This allows the Kulinor to have a temporary engine boost.

Shield Harmonics Disruptor- This attack lowers the shields of an enemy vessel this gives the Kulinor an advantage. But the shields of the enemy return when the attack has finished.


Galor-Class This ship is part of the main fleets. It was for a time the most powerful ship in Cardassian history until the Keldon was introduced  
Keldon-Class The Keldon is is the new flag ship of the Cardassian Union  Plasma Bank Overload- The Keldon can have Plasma Bank Overload. This is when the Keldon intentionally overloads its phaser banks to cause massive damage on a enemy target
Dreadnought Missile Even though the Dreadnought Missile is an experimental weapon it is very effective. It carries thousand kilograms of anti-matter enough to wipe out a whole population on a planet and can destroy Planetary Shields in the process The Dreadnought missile is equipped with an anti-matter container that explodes when hits a target this is also known as a spatial rift