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Main Characters


Captain Jean-Luc Picard

Starfleet's most experienced and valuable captain. He has been in command of the USS Enterprise D and then commended to the USS Enterprise E Sovereign Class. During his life time he has made many impacts he has repelled numerous Borg attacks, help defended the Klingon Empire and has made many first contacts. During the last Armada game he was able to make a peace treaty with the Romulan and Klingon Empire and was able to defeat his duplicate Locutus in battle now that the Borg have returned he has to face them once again. During the battle in the Alpha Quadrant he and Starfleet come to the decision that they must take the fight the Delta Quadrant and whilst their he is unfortunately stranded the in the Delta Quadrant.


Chancellor Martok

A Klingon Warrior that is known through out the entire Empire. During the Dominion War he was captured and was forced to fight Jem'Hader after his escape along with Worf, Garak and Dr Julian Bashir he was made Supreme Commander of the Ninth Fleet. He later became Chancellor of the Empire when his comrade and house member Worf fought Chancellor Gowron for leading Klingons to there death under foolish tactics and by doing so making Martok look bad. Worf was victorious and handed all power to his Good Friend Martok. Martok led the Klingon fleet into Cardassia along with the Romulan and Federation fleets. During the last Armada game he was able to save the Empire from Toral the bastard son of Duras and inflect damage to the Romulan Neutral Zone. He was later convinced to sign a peace treaty with the Romulan Empire and combine the Federation, Klingon and Romulan Fleets to defeat Locutus. Now that the Starfleet has ordered there fleets to attack the Borg and the Cardassian are now attacking them. Chancellor Martok has declared war with the Cardassians for there treachery and has hopes to take over the entire Cardassian Union.


The Borg Queen

The creator of the Borg Collective, the one voice and the mind. There are countless Borg Queens if one dies then another is activated a cycle that runs through the Collective. She was first encountered at the first battle to assimilate Earth, then when she went back in time to stop Earth first warp flight. One of the last times we see her was when Admiral Janeway infected her with a neurolytic pathogen which infected the Borg Collective. The Borg Queen has once again made another effort to take over the Alpha Quadrant but with Starfleet destroying the Alpha Quadrant Transwarp portal the Borg Queen was stranded in the Alpha Quadrant and the voice of the collective couldn't be heard. The Borg also has to fight off Species 8472 and return to the Delta Quadrant.


Other Characters

Gul Kentar

It is this Cardassian Gul that orders the Cardassians to attack the Federation reserve fleets and attempts to take over the Alpha Quadrant, and forms a business alliance with the Romulans and has to fight off the Klingon Empire. He had to delay his attack on the Federation to defend Cardassian territory from the Klingon Empire.


Captain Bek'tar

He has been assigned by Chancellor Martok to lay waste to the worlds in the Gultek System. And assists Martok from then on, he warns you if Martok is being attacked.


Captain Namura

This is the leader of the Federation Third Fleet, this fleet engaged the Borg when she thought it discovered a Borg staging ground. Her fleet attacked the Borg but was attacked by species 8472. The fleet was decimated but Captain Namura's lead ship the Allegheny just about survived the attack. Before she is ordered by Starfleet to go back to the Alpha Quadrant she gives information to Picard in hope that it can be put to good use. 


Captain Wright

Commander of the USS Cadabostaine and the final fleet that must make its way to the Transwarp portal. This ship is essential because it carries information of Species 8472.