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Fleet Name



Fleet Status

United Federation of Planets UFP Fleet Admiral Vermin
Romulan Star Republic RSR Praetor Spheric
Imperial Klingon Command IKC IKC Council
StarFleet Command SFC Fleet Admiral Scorpian
StarFleet SF Fleet Admiral Damien
Batlh Squad Militia BSM Chancellor Chadeech
Klingon Academy Assault Force KAAF Poqk Ter
Red Squadrons RS Fleet Admiral Jones
United Federation Fleet UFF Fleet Admiral Vader
Galactic Confederation GC Fleet Admiral Stan
StarFleet Elite Command SFEC Fleet Admiral Deus
Alpha Fleet AFS Fleet Admiral Jingwa
Starfleet Command Operations SCO Commander in Cheif Macleod

If you wish your fleet to be listed here please inform the SMC Command Staff via the Diplomacy section of the message board.