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The Environment




Black hole

A space phenomenon that's gravity well pulls in ships that's engines are damaged. If this happens the ships will be destroyed.



A Gateway that allows a starship to enter a different part of space at instantaneous speed. You can enter the wormhole even cloaked.


Asteroid Belts

The Asteroid field is a cluster of rocks that prevent any ships passing through.




Metreon Nebula

This nebula shoots out volatile electric currents. If a ship should enter the Nebula it will break down the vessels shields and then the hull of the ship damaging the ship severely.


 Radioactive Nebula

If a vessel should enter this nebula the radioactivity will penetrate the shields and kills the crew instant.


 Metaphasic Nebula

At least one nebula can be a help and it is this one. This nebula repairs damaged systems on a vessel.


Cerulean Nebula

This vessel is a helpful but annoying nebula. Once you enter the shields are disabled, weapons of any kind and cloak is also disabled. But if you have any pursuers, if you enter this nebula the enemy ships will not be able to get a clear lock on your position and will be unable to hit with their weapons.


Mutara Nebula

This nebula has tiny static electricity around it. If a ship should enter this nebula it will disable a ships shields, sensors and will prevent warp travel. 


Tachyon Nebula

These have a high concentration of tachyon particles but otherwise has no positive or negative effects. The Borg use this nebula to stabilize their Transwarp Portal. 




Latinum Nebula

This nebula the only source if Latinum that you can take for yourselves. To mine the nebula you need a freighter this also has a limit to its resources.


Dilithium Moons

 These are large floating rocks and the main source for Warp Engine Fuel. Freighters find the nearest moons and begin mining. The more time that is spent mining the smaller the moons gets by the depleted Dilithium. It is rare to find the purple Dilithium moon because it provides an unlimited supply of the resource. The gravitational well around the moon inhibits warp travel in its vicinity.





This planet is a small, rocky planetoid. It has a high quantity of metal but is not capable of supporting life.



This planet tends to be extremely dry and are often referred to as desert planets. The planet can only support sparse population thankfully the planet has a large deposit of Metal components. When colonised the supplies you would gather would be water and cooling products along with weapons.  


Class J

These planets are gas giant worlds that have a turbulent atmospheres. It poses a rich metal deposits. These planets can't be colonised. Worlds such as Saturn and Jupiter from Earth Solar System are class J worlds.



These worlds are arctic planets. it has a small amount of harvestable metal. And a light population can be established. When colonised the supplies are warm equipment and sufficient habitats. The Breen homeworld is K Class.  



These are small, rocky, terrestrial worlds. These types of planets have a high and extreme temperatures. It is able to support a small population. When a organic species colonise these planets the supplies are usually drinks, weapons, and sufficient habitats. Indri VIII is a L Class planet.



These worlds that support more life then any other planet, it has a oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere and his highly supportive of organic life. It can support a high civilian population. Out of the other planets this one has the least metal to supply. Worlds such as Earth, Qo'nos, Romulus and Cardassia are M Class Worlds