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United Federation of Planets

The United Federation of planet is an interstellar entity of worlds and governments. The Federation didn't existed till after the First Romulan War. The first colonies were established in 2161. It has over 150 planetary members (negotiations with Bajor is still underway) and has territory that spreads 8.000 light years. The headquarters of the Federation is at San Francisco. The entity responsible for deep space travel, scientific research, diplomatic arrangements and military of the federation is Starfleet this providers security for all colonies through out the whole Federation. The ship that represents the Federation in the USS Enterprise E commanded by Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Purpose in the Game

The Borg have re-entered the Alpha Quadrant with the intention of assimilating everything. Starfleet has been ordered to destroy all Borg presence in the Alpha Quadrant.  And for the first time they have decided that they will take the attack to the Borg in the Delta Quadrant.

Klingon Campaign

When the Cardassains wipe out the Federation Reserve Fleets the Klingons are left to reclaim what ever ships are left before the Ferengi steal them. The only federation stations that are operational is the one Shipyard and science station. And a few derelict ships.

Borg Campaign

The Borg Queen risks the safety of the Collective when she makes an Alliance with Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Starfleet. Their objective is too destroy Species 8472 and close the rifts that are causing them to enter normal space.

Federation Missions

Federation Fleets

Picture Ship Type History Special Weapons
Venture Class This is a scout ship of the federation its is used for short exploration. It had minimal offensive and defensive capabilities   Tachyon Grid Detection is able to detect clocked ships.
Iwo Jima Class This ship carries Starfleet marines that are trained in taking over enemy ships By using this you can attack an enemy vessel till their shields are down and then you automatically send an away team on the enemy vessel and then you take it over.
Aegian Class A frigate Vessel that carries powerful photons and phasers. Mostly used as a Medical Vessel This ship is able to create a shield enhancer that increases shield power on all friendly vessels as long as you are in the vicinity of the enhancement
Defiant Class This ship came from the Utopia Shipyards in 2366. The idea for the ship was originally thought up by Captain Benjamin Sisko and was originally built to defend against the Borg. Anti-matter Mines- lock on to engine signatures of target enemy vessels. (Worf used this attack to destroy an enemy Warbird in the previous game)
Sabre Class Another Starfleet vessel that was built to defend against Borg hostilities.  
Steamrunner Class The Steamrunner is a ship that's artillery is state of the art. They can fire cobalt torpedoes at long range with high impact. This vessel was constructed during Dominion war and has been used to repel Borg Invasions. This vessel can launch an Engine Overload. That's blast renders enemy vessels immobile.
Akira Class The Akira was first constructed in 2370 mostly built for defensive purposes. These vessels have been used against the Borg and the Dominion. Chain Reactor Pulse- Is an enhanced torpedo that automatically finds the nearest enemy and hits one target after another


Intrepid Class Made in the 2370s the Intrepid was built to be one or the most fastest ships in the federation. Built with the speed and manoeuvrability it has the same fire power as the Galaxy Class vessel. This ship is a deep space vessel for studies and exploration. 
Nebula Class Made for scientific research and explorations the Nebula have been refitted with new weapons during the dominion war.  Shield Disruptor-  A technology from the Breen that has been adapted for Starfleet's purposes. This attack disables the shields of a group of enemies allowing friendly ships to cause massive damage to those ships that have been affected.

Gemini effect- This was created by Dr Paul Manheim. It causes a temporal Disturbance on a ship this cause an exact double of a ship.

Point Defensive Phaser- When activated it destroys incoming enemy torpedoes. 

Engineering Teams- This transports an engineering team to friendly vessels and helps increase repair time and shield strength. 

Galaxy Class Introduced in the 2360s Starfleet wanted to design a stronger flagship for the federation. The first of these vessels was the official flagship for the federation which was this the Enterprise D. Saucer Separation-This can divided the galaxy class vessel into parts.

 The saucer has faster impulse and weapons.

 The Stardrive has warp and stronger shields


Sovereign Class This is the new federation flagship and the most powerful and advanced vessel in Starfleet.  It is capable of defending the federation against any threat. The Sovereign is armed with powerful shields and quantum torpedoes.  Corbomite Reflector is a super strong shield that's was originally used as a bluff by Captain James T Kirk. The shield reflects enemy torpedoes back at the vessel that shoots (This can even happen with the Klingon Ion Cannon.