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The Ferengi Alliance

The Ferengi

The Ferengi are a humanoid race in the Alpha Quadrant. Starfleet first came into contact with the Ferengi in 2151 when a Ferengi Vessel came into contact with the USS Enterprise commanded by Captain Jonathan Archer. Starfleet encountered the Ferengi again when the USS Stargazer which was temporarily commanded by lieutenant Jean-Luc Picard was fired upon by a Ferengi battleship in 2355. The Ferengi have a culture not like any other species, they have an relentless lust for profit and believe that women are second class citizens, they come from the planet Ferenginar and are bound by a strict code called the Rules of Acquisition. During the game they deliver latinum to trading stations and in return they are given supplies such as warp coils, replicators and food.  When a derelict vessel is floating in space Ferengi Marauders immediately try to tractor the vessel and guide it out of the system before any one can transport on the vessel. By doing this they can examine the vessel and maybe add the derelicts ships design to their own ships.


(If the Ferengi ever try and steal a vessel of yours set your vessels on attack and fire on the Ferengi vessel this will destroy the ship and you are able to salvage the ship they were trying to steal)  


Prominent Ferengi Include

Grand Nagus Zek

Liqudator Brunt



Lieutenant Nog