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Klingon Empire

The Klingon Empire is a Population of humanoid warriors that's civilisation is built on pride, tradition and honour. The Empire was founded over 1,500 years ago by the ancient Klingon Warrior Kahless the Unforgettable on the planet Qo'nos. Their violent and aggressive nature have made them a interstellar power to be recognised and respected. Their history has been shaped through war and violence. The ruling body of the Empire is the Emperor but since the 20th Century their has been no Emperor. The ruling body is now the Chancellor and the high council who control the military and interstellar operations. On Stardate 46852.2 a cloned version of Kahless returned and was stated as the Klingon Emperor to give spiritual guidance to his people. The Klingon Empire have had wars with the United Federation of Planet, Romulan Star Empire and the Cardassian Union. The current chancellor of the Empire is Martok thanks to the noble efforts of Worf, Son of Mogh who killed the previous Chancellor in a duel.

Purpose in the Game

The Federation have sent the main fleet on the Delta Quadrant. And so the Klingons have been left to keep the peace. But it would seem that the Cardassians are not so optimistic too keeping the peace they secretly constructed a massive fleet and laid waist to the Federation reserves fleet. So the Klingons are left to crush this Cardassian uprising. The Klingons must also deal with threats from the relentless Species 8472 and their old enemies the Romulans.

Borg Campaign

In the first level of the Borg when they get a sufficient amount of resources. The Klingon Empire and Federation set up a base near by, but they are unexpected attacked by Species 8472 the combined efforts of the federation and Klingons were no match for the aliens.

When the Empire captures a Species 8472 vessel and bring it to a science station for study the Collective use this opportunity to capture the Ship from the Klingons and study it for themselves.

Klingon Missions

The Klingon Fleet

Picture Ship Type History Special Weapon
Colony Ship Even after there peace alliance with the Federation the Klingons still believing in seizing worlds forcefully. A colony Ships send warriors and supplies to a planet. Lucky for the Klingons their colony ships have phasers so they can defend them selves.  
NuD'Duj-Class The Nud'Duj is a scout vessel. Mainly used to scout their Neutral Zone and the Romulan Border. There isn't much honour dying in this vessel that is why each of them is equipped with a singe disruptor cannon so they can die fighting back.  It can be equipped with a Tachyon Detection Grid to locate Cloaked Ships.
Chava'kal-Class This ship is an assault vessel that is used to transport warriors on an enemy vessel when their shield are down. Its can send Warriors to an enemy vessel when the shields are down. The Warriors almost immediately kill the enemy crew and take over the ship.
Koloth-Class The Koloth is a design of the classic D7 war vessel This ship can be equipped with a weapon enhance is disrepute's a wave that increases weapon range and power on an friendly vessel
B'rel-Class This ship has been kept in the KDF the longest because of its efficiently. Also known on as a Bird of Prey. It is well equipped with two forward firing disruptors and photon torpedoes. The Bird of Prey can have Gravity Mines. If used they can slow down enemy movement more effectively on Larger Ships this enables any ship to warp in this conditions
Chuq'Bel-Class This has been added to the Klingon fleet its has been equipped with disruptor bolts and can fire at very good range and distance.  
SuQ'Jagh-Class This is another assault vessel. Since the previous Armada Game the Klingon Empire have made advancements to this vessel by adding phasers to the vessel. This ship is able to send a team of Klingons in launch pods to capture enemy ships. The launch pods can penetrate through enemy shields which makes it easier to take over.
Vor'cha-Class This Klingon Attack Cruiser had replaced the Bird of Prey as the most abundant ship in the Defence Force. It is used for missions that require cloaked and offensive requirements.    It can be equipped with a Poleron Torpedo this is very powerful and can inflict allot of damage to a vessel because the torpedo is able to penetrate through enemy shields causing massive damage to an enemies hull.
Fek'Lhr-Class This is a science vessel that is equipped with numerous technologies.  Death Chant-This ship echo's a battle cry that inspires Klingons on any ship to to fight harder. This attack increases the rate of fire on friendly ships within range.

Repulsion Wave- This is an attack which fires a shockwave that disable the engines of an enemy vessel.

Ion Storm- Klingon scientists have finally perfected the ability to contain a Ionic Nebulae. If this torpedo deployed it unleashes the Nebula and damages everything it touches.

Energy Dissapator- This attack renders multiple targets almost defenceless when they disable an enemy targets special weapons. 

Qeh'Rel-Class This is slightly older than the Negh'Var Battle cruiser but has the same weaponry. And with it excellent shielding and efficient warp capabilities.   
Negh'Var-Class The Negh'Var is the Klingon Flag ship. It was first commissioned in the last 2360s. It has massive photon torpedo launches, powerful shields, and a large crew so they may be able to capture enemy ships. The Negh'Var can be equipped with an Ion Cannon (One of Martoks first decisions as chancellor) this attack is so powerful that it can destroy the shields on another war vessel. It can damage planetary Shields.
Jach'Eng-Class The Jach'Eng is a weapon armed with a subspace weapon that emits a large shockwave that destroy any ship or stations that the shockwave comes to contact with.  To the Klingon Military dying in this vessel brings brings great honour and glory to the empire The Jach'Eng can unleash a subspace shockwave that damages anything the shockwave touches. Friendly or Enemy