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Romulan Star Empire


The Romulans are an offshoot people of the Vulcan people. The Romulan ancestors left the planet 2000 years ago and colonised the twin planets Romulus and Remus. The Romulan Star Empire is a galactic power in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, the governing body of the Empire is the Praetor. The Romulans can be passionate for a brief time but can be aggressive beyond belief. Their military secret organisation is the Tal Shiar. The Romulans are more known for their stealth and territory in combat. They have had multiple skirmishes with the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire, such as the battle of Cheron and the battle of Klach D`kel Brakt.

Purpose in the Game

Klingon Campaign

As the Klingons stage their war with the Cardassains the Klingons discover that the Cardassians are being secretly supplied weapons and information by an unknown source. Later the Klingons discover that the Romulans are the ones feeding the information that the Cardassians are using. With there betrayal the Klingons have to convince the Romulans to disembark from their Alliance (Klingon Style)

Borg Campaign

The Borg have discovered shipping and resupplying by the Federation and the Klingon Empire the Borg set out to destroy the supplying. In that system they discover the Romulans have been cloaking there ships and have been spying on the supplying, the Borg are ordered to destroy all species in this System including the Romulans.

In their desperation for supplies and resources the Borg stumbled across a system that is rich in both of these. They are ordered to eliminate any indigence species in the area and the species they find is none other than the Romulans.

Federation Campaign

The Borg have set up a staging ground that threatens the Alpha Quadrant the USS Incursion has been ordered to discover where. Unfortunately when it discovers the Borg's base they notice it is located near the edge of the Romulan Neutral Zone. The Romulans threaten to attack any ships that crosses the border.

Romulan Fleet

Picture Ship Type History Special Weapons
Colony Ship This ship carries Romulan soldiers that occupy worlds and colonise it. The Ship supplies the Romulans depending on what planet they are on.     
Talon-Class This is a Scout Ship in the game it is quick and has sufficient Manoeuvring abilities. Tachyon Detection Grid that ables them to detect cloaked ships.
Kestrel-Class This ship is an assault ship it carries trained-in-combat centurions. The ship fires on a vessel and when the shields are down the centurions are automatically transported on the vessel and almost immediately kill the crew and take over the vessel.
Shrike-Class This ship is a favourite by the Tal Shiar its used because of its stealth and speed  It has a device used by the Romulan Tal Shiar to infiltrate enemy stations. It can send a Romulan Spy on a Enemy Starbase and can infiltrate the enemies communication network giving your fleet to see the enemy without the fog for a short period
Veles-Class This is equipped with four photon torpedo launchers. Romulan Scientist that specialises in weapons have designed a new weapon to enhance there cloaking technology.  The Veles has the Cloak Enhancer this is gives any friendly combat ship a big advantage because this cloak enhancer cloak any friendly ships even ships that can't clock. And if Combat ships have been clocked they can fire whilst cloaked.
Raptor-Class Starfleet is unsure if the Romulans stole there tri-cobalt technology. But they have the exact same type of weaponry. This vessel has a torpedo called Myotronic Inhibitor this attack disables the weapon systems of an enemy vessel.
Griffin-Class These ships are used not only to assist the Romulan Fleet but to confuse there enemies in battle. They are all equipped with powerful phasers.  The Griffin has something called Sensor Jammer this attack disables all enemy ships targeting sensors.  
Draconarius-Class A new type of ship that has been added to the Romulan fleet.  
Shadow-Class A Romulan vessel with numerous technology. This ship is not officially aware of the Romulan Senate. Holo-Emitters-This causes enemy ships to look exactly like the Shadow vessel so the enemy will attack its friendly ally because it looks like the Shadow.

Psychonic Blast-This causes the crew on a enemy vessel to temporarily go insane and kills members of its crew

Energy Shield Converter-This attack helps redistributes its own shield energy to a friendly target.

Phase Cloak-This technology was first deployed in 2367 after multiple failures the Star Empire had finally be able to master the technology. It is able to combine its cloaking technology with generator phase molecular technology allowing it to pass through solid objects. 

Venator-Class This ship has the same weaponry as the Warbird but is not as powerful

Picture of it in action

Warbird-Class The D'deridex class is favoured through out the whole Empire it is used in all there fleets. Its fire power is great enough to topple planetary Shields on colonies and bases. Shied Inversion Technology- This attack drains power from enemy vessels.



Phoenix-Class Thanks to Admiral Sela in the previous Star Trek Armada game Dr Oldan was able to continue his  research on the Phoenix project. This is the most powerful weapon in the Empire. Originally used as a last resort, should the Star Empire fall to invaders. This attack creates an expanding tear in the space time continuum and damages any ship in the attack vicinity.  All hands on this vessel die when the attack is unleashed. (Since the last Armada game the Romulan Empire have adapted a clocking devise on the ship making it easier to attack the enemy)