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Species 8472

The properly unidentified Aliens was first encountered by the Borg in 2373 in the Delta Quadrant. Species 8472 is not like any other organic specie because they come from a realm why there is only  bio-matter and fluid. They are able to enter normal space by entering a spatial anomaly known as a Quantum Singularity. They have a cold hatred for those in normal space they pose a threat to all races. The Borg waged war with this specie when they entered their space. What the Borg didn't know is that Species 8472 has one of the most powerful immune systems and that any micro scoping organism that penetrates their bodies is instantly destroyed including Nano-probes that's why its impossible to assimilate them. They are impervious to 24th Century Technology (tractors, transport and sensors).


Purpose in the Game

Federation Campaign

When the Federation is battling the Borg in the Delta Quadrant the third federation fleet is attacked by Species 8472. The Borg-Federation alliance formed a considerable threat to the species near the end of the game.

Borg Campaign

The Borg Queen and her fleet are stuck in the Alpha Quadrant and she is unable to contact the rest of the collective. They have located species 8472 flooding into the Alpha Quadrant. While there determination to reach the Delta Quadrant is clear they are being blocked constantly. The Borg, Klingon Empire and the Federation are being attacked by these vessels.

Klingon Campaign

The Cardassians make a device known as a Quantum Singularity that brings Species 8472 into normal space.

Species 8472 Fleet


Ship Type


Special Weapon

Active Embryo This organism can evolve in to different ships: scout, destroyer, cruiser, launcher and collector     
Scout This is a Scout ship that scouts the area is is has a bio-pulse beam Clairvoyance-  This is able to probe the minds of near by crewman and see what they see while the special weapon is in effect

Tachyon Detection Grid- The Scout can detect clock ship

Destroyer This is a slightly armoured assault and has the same weapons the as the scouts. Clairvoyant Link- This vessel can cause a psionic link with enemy vessels and track them through space and gather information through their sensors.
Cruiser This is a mid-level assault equipped with my weapons. Psionic Disruption- This causes an enemy vessel to be rendered incapable and movement and offensive actions
Launcher The Launcher has long range organic artillery   
Battleship This is used in the fleets of Species 8472 it is a powerful weapon. Psionic Insanity- This attack causes a psionic wave to disrupt the minds of those on an enemy vessel to attacking its own allies. This attack ion some occasion even causes the ships to go into self destruct 
Frigate This is slightly bigger than the Battleship but is more of a defence Ship  Bio-Pulse Conduit- When grouped with four to eight battle ships it can be made into a super weapon. The supporting battle ships fire there primary weapons into the frigate and distributes that power into one powerful beam. 
Behemoth The Behemoth is the most powerful and largest of the Species 8472 fleet Nebula Generation- This fluidic nebula that it creates causes dust and gas that prevents a static ward field and prevents races from building within its boundaries.

Nebula Flux- When fired, the nebula's outer reach causes a destructive reaction. The amount of damage is dependant. When the nebula is created it stays where it is.

Transient Rift- A Behemoth can travel to one point of space to another